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Customer Notices and Requests

2020-04 COVID-19 Contingency Plan – Forensic Services – Evidence Submission – Operations Resumed
2020-02 COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Forensic Services UPDATE
2020-02 COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Forensic Services
Case Status Report-Evidence Return
iLAB Access Request Form
Forensic Analysis Requests  (see “Forensic Analysis Requests” section below)
2020-01 Latent Print Electronic Submission Program Notice

The Drug Analysis Department no longer attaches the Certification of Proof of Physical Custody or Control form to completed reports. This form is scanned in and will remain on file in the Laboratory. Any agency that needs a copy of this form should contact the Laboratory at 803-896-7300.

If you cannot access the log in screen because you are receiving an a browser error when trying to access the log in page, please contact the SLED IT Help Desk at 803-896-8588 or send an email to

What is iLAB?

iLAB is a web based system located securely on the SLED web site. It enables authorized users the ability to pre-log cases for submission to the SLED Forensics Lab, download completed reports and view current information on cases already submitted to the lab.
For more detailed information you may view the tutorials below. Send all requests for new iLAB accounts and/or password changes to

If you are not sure of your access to the iLAB system, please contact your evidence department.
If you are experiencing any problem adding or retrieving information in iLAB, or have questions about iLAB, Please contact one of the SLED iLAB administrator Laura Corley – – 803-896-7300.


Eligibility to Obtain a User Name and Password

Only individuals who meet the following requirements are eligible to obtain a user name and password to access iLAB:
  • Individuals actively employed within a law enforcement agency or prosecutor’s office who submit evidence to and/or retrieve case information from the Laboratory for the purpose of obtaining results that will be used in a court of law,
  • Individuals actively employed within a correctional facility verifying CODIS submission samples to eliminate duplicate submissions.
  • Individuals must have a valid official law enforcement email address. Valid email accounts will end in .gov, .mil, .us or .org,etc.
  • iLAB users must have a unique user id and password. Shared user ids are a violation of the SLED security policy. Violation of this policy may result in loss of access.

No user name or password will be issued to any individual or agency who does not meet these criteria.

Requesting iLAB Accounts

To request an iLAB account(s), submit an iLAB Access Request Form for each individual obtaining an account to The request will be processed in the order it is received. Users will be provided a User ID and temporary password upon activation.


SLED policy requires that passwords meet the following criteria:
  • Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters. They must be a combination of alpha, numeric, and special characters and must contain at least: one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.
  • Passwords must change every 90 days and must not be repeated within 10 uses.

The system will alert users upon log in 15 days prior to password expiration. In addition a reminder will be sent to the user's email address. If the expiration date is reached and the password has not been changed, the system will lock the user account. To unlock the account, a request including then User ID and agency name must be submitted to The request will be processed in the order it is received and the users will be notified upon reactivation of the account.

Separating From an Agency

When an iLAB user separates from an agency, it is the responsibility of the agency to notify SLED Forensic Technology immediately. The User ID must be deactivated immediately upon the vacating individual’s separation from the agency to prevent further access by the individual. Deactivated accounts will not be reassigned to new users. Send separation notifications to

Forensic Analysis Requests

Analysis requests and corresponding explanations listed by department that are avaiLABle in the SLED Forensics Lab. If you still have questions about your evidence submissions please contact the lab at 803-896-7300.

Forensic Analysis Requests and Explanations(Updated November 2018)

iLAB Information Group

Have you joined the iLAB yahoo information group yet?

If not please send a request to with your name, agency and iLAB user id (for confirmation) and I will send you an invitation.  All you need is a yahoo account and an email address to receive iLAB group messages.

The iLAB Group is a private group and a great source of information. It was created in order to share information with as many iLAB users as possible. This may contain information about system changes, server maintenance and other important iLAB related issues. Departments within the SLED Forensics Lab may utilize the group to share department specific information. iLAB users may use it to present general evidence submission or packaging questions or concerns. Case specific information is not recommended. There is also an archive providing the ability to access previously posted information.