SLED History

1935 - On May 14, 1935, the General Assembly created the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to enforce the state liquor law, assist any law enforcement officer in the detection of crime, along with the enforcement of the state’s criminal laws. Funding was provided for 21 new officers to the existing three members of the State Constabulary.

1935 – 1947 -- Chief J. Henry Jeanes

1947 – 1949 -- Chief Joel Townsend

1949-1956 -- Chief Oren L. Brady

1956-1987 -- Chief J.P. “Pete” Strom “Make sure a person is guilty before you affect his reputation, his freedom or his pocketbook. Make sure that you always assure yourself that you are the fairest juror a suspect will ever have. Remember, you do not make the facts, you discover and report them.”

1988-2007 -- Chief Robert M. Stewart “I consider it to be a calling to be a law enforcement officer, but it is a sacred mission to be a SLED Agent”

2007-2011 -- Director Reginald “Reggie” Lloyd

2011-Present -- Chief Mark Keel