Frequently Asked Questions

SLED conducts an extensive background examination of all applicants prior to a CWP being issued. Applications are available on this website. Learn more at the Concealed Weapons Permit page.

Yes, a SLED agent has statewide law enforcement authority. However, agents do not engage in traffic enforcement unless specifically requested by the Highway Patrol or local law enforcement agency, or must act to prevent an accident or a situation that would endanger the public.
SLED's Uniform Crime Reporting Department collects and disseminates crime data from all law enforcement agencies in the state. The UCR department can be reached at 803-896-7016. Some information is available online at the Crime Reporting & Statistics page.

SLED serves as the official investigative arm of the Governor and also handles investigations for the Attorney General, circuit solicitors and other law enforcement agencies. Requests for local investigations should be directed to the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the area where a suspected crime may have occurred. If local agency officials need SLED assistance in the matter, a request is made and agents will be assigned. SLED does not take investigative requests from private citizens or organizations except under extraordinary conditions.

From time to time, job positions (sworn and non-sworn positions) become available at SLED and are routinely posted or advertised in an appropriate manner as required by South Carolina law and regulations. All applicants, regardless of position, must undergo a rigorous background examination. Applicants must apply for positions with SLED through the State Jobs website. The link is provided below.
Visit the state jobs website

SLED serves as the central repository for all criminal records in South Carolina and can provide detailed in-state criminal histories. Criminal history record screening costs $25 per search as defined by law. This information can be obtained from this web site or by mailing the request to SLED Records Department PO Box 21398 Columbia SC 29221. Complete the Record Check Form. Company Checks and money orders are accepted through the mail – NO CASH or PERSONAL CHECKS. If you mail the request in, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.
Credit card payment is only accepted on the web site.

Since 1996, SLED has been authorized to enforce alcohol and video poker laws and regulations in South Carolina. Suspected violations can be reported by calling SLED's Alcohol/Video Poker Enforcement Department, at (803) 896-7400. You also may send your information to: SLED, c/o Alcohol/Video Poker Enforcement Department, P.O. Box 21398, Columbia, S.C. 29221.

No. SLED conducts analyses of substances dealing with suspected criminal matters only for law enforcement agencies. Requests for analyses are not taken from private citizens. Suspicious substances should be reported to your local law enforcement agency.

Under state law, SLED is authorized to maintain records on and regulate all private detectives and private security companies doing business in South Carolina. Private detective applicants must undergo a rigorous background investigation. Information is available online at the Private Investigations page.

SLED is not a first-response agency unless specifically requested by a local law enforcement agency. SLED serves as a backup to sheriff's offices and police departments statewide.

SLED is located at 4400 Broad River Road (also known as J.P. Strom Boulevard, which was named after the late longtime SLED Chief). The location is approximately 1 mile from Interstate 26 and can be reached easily by exiting off Piney Grove Road or St. Andrews Road and traveling east for about one mile before reaching Broad River Road. If on Piney Grove Road, turn right onto Broad River Road and SLED is a half-mile down on the left. If on St. Andrews Road, turn left onto Broad River Road and SLED is approximately 1 mile down on the right.

Fingerprinting services are not provided at SLED. You may want to contact IdentoGo by MorphoTrust for locations and times or contact your licensing agency for information concerning fingerprinting.

Please complete the following form and submit it to SLED along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return.
Sex Offender Check