Careers Opportunities

SLED operates a vacancy driven system. Applicants are required to submit a separate application for each position in which he/she desires consideration. All applications must complete the on-line state application to include all current and previous work history and education. A resume will not be accepted in lieu of a complete application

“We can have the best equipment, we can have the most money,
we can have everything in the world, but if we don’t have good people,
if we don’t have quality people, if we don’t have honest people, people with integrity,
people that care about their reputation, then we’ve got nothing.”
                                                                                                                         Chief Mark Keel 


South Carolina is making our Veteran’s a priority for employment in state agencies and institutions.

The most frequent vacancies occur in the following positions:

• Special Agent
Special Agents serve as Class I Law Enforcement Officers. General responsibilities include participating in the detection of crime and enforcement of criminal laws; planning and conducting complete investigations of complex and administrative cases, or conducting portions of complex investigations; performing tasks supporting local law enforcement; and/or working in a specific program area. Candidates must have a bachelor degree, integrity, and a strong desire for public service.

• Criminalist
Criminalists also referred to as Forensic Scientists serve as Class III Law Enforcement Officers. General responsibilities include investigating and participating in the detection and prosecution of crimes, performing various laboratory tasks, completing written reports based on results, obtaining and maintaining proficiencies in a particular program area and providing expert testimony in courts of law. Candidates must have a bachelor degree.

• Administrative Support
Administrative support positions perform the typical duties of handling phone calls, filing, data entry, and customer service. Some positions may include reviewing and processing court-ordered expungements; entering, researching, correcting dispositions; scanning fingerprint mastercards and updating information in AFIS; maintaining the Computerized Criminal History database; or processing concealed weapon permits, private investigator and security guard applications.

• Information Technology
IT positions are generally available in Desktop Support. Typical duties include performing the installation, configuration, upgrade, and support of PC desktops and portable computers, printers, peripherals and all associated software at SLED offices.