Forensic Services

Major Todd Hughey

The SLED Forensic Services Laboratory is a full service crime laboratory that serves criminal justice agencies throughout South Carolina. The laboratory began operation in the early 1950s and has steadily grown during ensuing years. Pursuant to § 23-3-15, 1976 South Carolina Code of Laws, as amended, SLED is given exclusive statewide jurisdiction to operate a comprehensive forensic laboratory on behalf of the State. Services are provided to local, state, and federal agencies for cases involving suspected criminal activity. The laboratory’s operating hours are 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday (excluding state holidays). All departments have staff on call for responses after normal business hours.


    1. To provide the criminal justice system in South Carolina with a full-service forensic laboratory.
    2. To employ persons of the highest possible ethical and educational standards and furnish them with the necessary training.
    3. To perform work with a high degree of accuracy, quality, and efficiency.

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Customer Notices and Forms

2024-01 Customer Notice Drug Analysis Submissions from Retail Cannabis Stores
2023-03 Customer Notice Breath Testing Rooms - IRSA Video Recording System Upgrades
2023-02 Forensic Services – IBIS Only Evidence Submissions
2023-01 Customer Notice DNA
2022-04 Evidence Submissions at 4700 Broad River Road
2022-03 IBIS Only Evidence Submissionss
2022-02 Evidence Control – Sealing of BEST Kits
2022-01 Forensic Services – Outsourcing of DNA Cases
2021-03 Regarding Analysis of GSR Kits
2021-02 Forensic Services – Evidence Submissions – UPDATE
Customer Agreement
2021-01 Latent Print Electronic Submission Program Update –
2020-06 Customer Notice Direct-to-DNA
2020-05 Firearms Analysis of Submissions Containing Only Fired Cartridge Cases
2020-04 COVID-19 Contingency Plan – Forensic Services – Evidence Submission – Operations Resumed
2020-03 COVID-19 Contingency Plan – Forensic Services – UPDATE
2020-02 COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Forensic Services
2020-01 Latent Print Electronic Submission Program Notice
2019-02 Examinations on IBIS Evidence
2019-01 BEST Evidence Testing Kits
2018-04 Termination of Marijuana Analyst Certification Program
2018-03 iLAB Outage For System Maintenance
2018-02 Questioned Documents Services
2018-01 Collection of Gunshot Residue Primer from Vehicles
2017-09 Changes to submission information
2017-08 Gunshot Residue (GSR) Kits
2017-07 Toxicology Reporting Units
2017-06 DNA Statistical Data NIST Database
2017-05 Parking During Construction
2017-04 Case Status Reports-Evidence Return
2017-03 Upcoming Changes to DNA Reports
2017-02 Gunshot Residue Corrective Action
2017-01 Evidence Submission Lockers
2016-03 Outsourcing of DNA Cases
2016-02 Firearms Returned Without Examination
2016-01 Gunshot Residue Analysis
2015-02 Toxicology Rapid Testing Panel
2015-01 DNA Statistical Data
2014-01 Measurement Uncertainty


Evidence Submission Manual
SLED Laboratory Evidence Inventory Form
SLED Laboratory Forensic Services Request Form
SLED Drug Analysis Request Form
Latent Print Electronic Submission Guide
Instructions for Handwriting/Hand Printing Standards
SLED Urine/Blood Collection Report

SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Forms and Information

Sexual assault evidence collection protocols, instructions, and other forms and information are no longer included in the SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit box, and are instead now posted here. This will allow for increased ability to update and expand instruction when necessary without having to involve an external vendor. You will find that these forms are the same or similar to those formerly found in the kit box.

SLED Subject Evidence Collection Kits are only for the collection of evidence from an individual who is suspected of committing a sexual offense. The instructions and protocol for this kit are included in the list of links below.

It is strongly recommended that each facility print a master copy of each form, so that in the event that internet access or this site is not available when needed, evidence collection is not delayed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forms below, please contact the SLED Forensic DNA Casework Department at (803) 896-7383 Monday through Friday 08:30am to 05:00pm. If necessary, we can be reached at (803) 737-9000 during non-business hours.

  1. SLED Sexual Assault Examination Protocol- Box-Style
  2. SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Instructions - Box-Style
  3. SLED Sexual Assault Examination Protocol - Envelope-Style
  4. SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Instructions - Envelope-Style
  5. Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Instructions with Photos
  6. DCVC SAP Billing Claim Form
  7. DCVC SAP Medical Release Protocol Form
  8. Notice of Change - SOVA to DCVC
  9. Subject Evidence Collection Kit Instructions
  10. Subject Evidence Collection Kit Protocol
  11. SCCADVASA SA Member Program List