To provide the South Carolina criminal justice system with a full-service forensic laboratory staffed with persons of the highest possible ethical and educational standards who examine forensic evidence and report findings of the highest quality possible.

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Gunshot Residue Corrective Action - Expanded Review - Effective April 19, 2017
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SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Forms and Information

Sexual assault evidence collection protocols, instructions, and other forms and information are no longer included in the SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit box, and are instead now posted here. This will allow for increased ability to update and expand instruction when necessary without having to involve an external vendor. You will find that these forms are the same or similar to those formerly found in the kit box.

It is strongly recommended that each facility print a master copy of each form, so that in the event that internet access or this site is not available when needed, evidence collection is not delayed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forms below, please contact the SLED Forensic DNA Casework Department at (803) 896-7383 Monday through Friday 08:30am to 05:00pm. If necessary, we can be reached at (803) 737-9000 during non-business hours.
  1. SLED Sexual Assault Examination Protocol
  2. SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Instructions
  3. SLED Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit - Important Information for the Collector
  4. SLED Date Rape Drug Supplemental Instructions
  5. SOVA SAP Billing Statement
  6. SOVA SAP Medical Release Form
  7. SCCADVASA SA Member Program List