The SLED Forensic Art Unit assists local law enforcement agencies in Unidentified Remains cases. When human remains are found and the identity of the deceased person is unknown, this unit provides artistic renderings of what the victim/person may have looked like in life.

The following links are cases that the SLED Forensic Art Unit has assisted with in hopes to identify the deceased. If you have information that will help investigators, please contact the agency listed with the case.

White Male  White Male
  Raleigh, NC
  May 19, 2015

White Female  White Female IDENTIFIED
  Myrtle Beach, SC
  May 25, 2013

White Female  White Female
  Spartanburg County, SC
  October, 2011

White or Hispanic Male  White or Hispanic Male
  Richland County, SC
  April 16, 2011

White Male  White Male IDENTIFIED
  Lexington County, SC
  October 20, 2010

Baby John Doe  White Male Infant
  Horry County, SC
  December 4, 2008

Hispanic Female  Hispanic Female (Para Español haga clic aquí)
  Calhoun County, SC
  September 27, 2008

White Male  White Male
  Mesquite, TX
  November 28, 2005

Black Male  Black Male IDENTIFIED
  Richland County, SC
  September 24, 2005

Male  Male
  Haywood County, NC
  May 28, 2004

Hispanic Male  Hispanic Male
  Clarendon County, SC
  April 15, 2004

Hispanic Male  Black Female Infant
  Marlboro County, SC
  June 17, 2003

Black Male  Black Male
 Richland County, SC
 October 26, 1998

Hispanic Male  Female
  Beaufort County, SC
  May 24, 1995