SLED, as an assisting agency, provides technical and subject matter experts to local agencies who have Cold Case Units or investigators. These subject matter experts run the gamut from Forensic Scientists to Behavioral Scientists / Criminal Profilers as well as veteran investigators. The majority of cases that have a file at SLED are actually cases from local jurisdictions. The Cold Cases belong to the local agency of original jurisdiction. We supply, when requested on a case by case basis, assistance to those local agencies. These cases may be worked from the Regional Office within the geographical boundaries where the case originated.

The The cases listed below have been placed on this web page at the request of a local agency. We encourage you to contact the originating agency, SLED, Crime Stoppers or you may visit the website if you have any information regarding these cases. You do not have to leave your name, but if you would like an investigator to call you please provide your contact information.

Byrd/Cayce DPS Attempted Murder
Dewitt/Hartsville P.D. Homicide
Edwards/Bamberg S.O. Homicide
Fogle/Walterboro P.D. Homicide
Fulmer & Wilson/Lexington S.O. Homicide
Kinard/Calhoun S.O. Homicide - added 3-28-11
McFadden/Clarendon S.O. Homicide
Merchant/Forest Acres P.D. Missing Person - added 3-28-11
Mullins & Bowlden/Lexington S.O. Homicide
Neal/North Myrtle Beach DPS Homicide
Owens/Marion S.O. Homicide
Pittman/Jasper S.O. Homicide
Thomas/Hartsville P.D. Homicide
Walker/SCDC Homicide
Washington & Livingston/West Columbia P.D. Missing Person
Way/Sumter S.O. Homicide